(See bottom for details)


3:00-3:20pm - Boy's PreTeam

3:30-4:20pm - Men's Compulsory

4:30-5:30pm - Men's Optional


3:00-3:20pm - Girls's PreTeam

3:30-4:20pm - Xcel Bronze

4:30-5:20pm - Xcel Silver

5:30-7:30pm - Women's Optional, Diamond, Platinum and Gold


3:00-3:20pm - Power Kid Boys

3:30-3:50pm - Beginning Boys 1

4:00-4:20pm - Beginning Boys 2

4:30-4:50pm - Intermediate/Advanced Boys

5:00-5:20pm - Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling


2:00-2:20pm - Tumble Tykes

2:30-2:50pm - Tumble Kids

3:00-3:20pm - Power Kid Girls

3:30-3:50pm - Beginning Girls 1

4:00-4:20pm - Beginning Girls 2

4:30-4:50pm - Intermediate/Advanced Girls


3:00-3:20pm - Beginning Tumbling

3:30-3:50pm - Rec. Boys Weekly Fun

4:00-4:20pm - Rec. Girls Weekly Fun

4:30-4:50pm - Kinder/Pre-K Weekly Fun


9:30-9:50am - Bouncing Babies

10:00-10:20am - Play Gym & Tyke Gym

10:30-10:50am - Tumble Tykes

11:00-11:20am - Tumble Kids

11:30-11:50am - Power Kid Boys & Girls

12:00-12:20pm - Rec. Boys & Girls Workout

Our Virtual Classes are available for our "Active" Families (those who chose Option 1 or Option 2 when we closed our doors due to Covid-19).

In order to participate in the Zoom workouts you will need to do a few things.​

  1. Download the Zoom app on your phone, tablet or computer. (

  2. Use the password to access the meetings. The passwords were emailed our to our Active Families. If you did not receive an email please contact us.

  3. You will also need the Meeting ID or link to the class, which can be found in the email as well.