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Your child's safety
is our #1 priority.

Our Mission

At Inland Empire Gymnastics Academy our mission is to help grow happy, healthy, responsible kids and young adults.

To achieve our mission, we are committed to...

  • A safe, fun and healthy gymnastics experience for each of our students. 

  • Providing high quality instruction, in small class settings, that engages, challenges and supports our students to be their best. 

  • Developing GREAT staff who love teaching and actively participate in the growth of our AMAZING kids and young adults.

Why Do Gymnastics?

by Katie Willis, Owner of IEGA

ALL children benefit from classes and participation at Inland Empire Gymnastics Academy, but gymnastics lessons are not just about becoming a great gymnast, and many of the benefits gained from gymnastics are actually NOT related to gymnastics skills. Benefits include coordination and flexibility, improved concentration, social skills development, discipline, confidence, self-esteem, courage, good manners, listening skills, and so much more. We have detailed below some of the benefits that flow directly from participating in our programs.



At IEGA the gymnastics skills are broken down into small steps. As your child takes these steps and learns the skills, they develop confidence in their abilities. They learn how to learn and achieve, and this self-confidence carries over into their schoolwork and other sports.


This is perhaps the most overlooked lesson that children learn in gymnastics. Our students “perform” in front of others all the time. They are taught that performance is simply part of life, and work to build up their confidence in their ability to do their best when others are watching. Our students are often the first to volunteer to go first and to demonstrate in front of the class. Public speaking? How hard can it be after performing time and time again all by yourself on a balance beam or on a bar?


Especially for our Tumble Kids, gymnastics provides a once a week opportunity to learn about social skills such as listening, taking turns, following directions, working independently, being quiet, respecting others, and so much more. Our coaches work hard to build these social skills because they are so important for our preschool and kindergarten age students, and will make school-life that much easier.


Do you want a strong child? You have them in the right place. Gymnastics is all about lifting and moving the body and all that lifting and moving on bars, and rings, and on the floor develops strength. Combine the lessons and benefits of gymnastics in terms of strength, flexibility, courage, coordination, and determination, and you have the makings of a complete athlete who is ready for any sport or activity.

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