At IEGA we take the job of training tumblers very seriously. In fact, your athlete’s safety and learning environment are of paramount importance and to ensure that, we classes small. Lesson planning that is specific to your athlete’s needs, plenty of spotting, and lots of individualized attention, all of which are critical when learning new skills. We know that it takes an average of  6-8 months for most  athletes to learn a technically correct standing back-handspring… and we STRONGLY believe  in technically correct back-handsprings because it means your athlete’s safety comes first. Athlete safety should never be “shelved” in favor of the “chuck & duck” method. When your athlete leaves IEGA for the competition arena, football field or dance studio, we want him or her to have all the tools necessary to perform safely. Yes, sometimes this means it takes a little longer to learn the skills, but an athlete’s safety should never be sacrificed.   



Class length: 1 hour

Beginning Tumbling Skill Card