Snap a picture of your handstand and email it to (be sure to include your child's FIRST & LAST NAME) We will be accepting entires through September 1st!


- Best Form (The most technically correct form)

- Best Water-Side Handstand (Beach, pool, lake, sprinklers... anything with water!)

- Best Socially Distant Handstand (Get your family involved! Best HS 6 ft apart)

- Most Creative (Get creative! Wear a silly outfit, make a theme... anything to stand out!)

- Best Masked Handstand (We know everyone owns a couple masks now, put them to use for this category!)


Thank you for your continued support  through these uncertain times. 

We love and appreciate our IEGA family!

Please note that all of the Events below have been canceled until further notice.


Friday Night Flip Out

Ages 22 and under are welcome! 5 year-olds and younger must be accompanied by a parent on the gym floor


$8 for participants, 7:30-9pm every Friday, except the last Friday of the month


Event Release Form & Rules





How It Works

The Tiny Tour Palooza is a wonderful performance event for our Tumble Tykes and Tumble Kids! We transform IEGA into our Palooza arena, with seating out in the gym for up close viewing and picture taking. Our Preschool/Kinder Coaches will be with our gymnasts every step of the way to help support and cheer them on!

Performance Stations

There are no routines to learn because all the skills being performed are being learned and practiced in class. There will be four Performance Stations: Floor, Bars, Beam, and Vault which means our Tinies can show-off their hard work on all the events!


Each performer will receive 2 spectator tickets and additional tickets can be purchased ahead of time or at the event. After everyone has performed, we will move on to the podiums where each gymnast will be called up one-by-one to receive their custom-designed IEGA Tiny Tour Palooza medal and a bag full of goodies!


Fun Meets are a performance opportunity for our recreational gymnasts to “show-off” their skills in a competition-like setting. We transform the gym into a competition arena where our athletes will perform a sequence of skills on each apparatus and will have the exciting experience of being “judged”.


Ribbons will be awarded at each event to every competitor using our Skill Card Star System:

1 star = Just Started

2 stars = Working On It

3 stars = Getting Close

4 stars = Mastered

At the end of the meet, each competitor will be awarded a custom-designed IEGA Fun Meet medal.


While there are no routines to learn, all the skills being performed are being learned and practiced in class each week.  Select your level to view your Skill Sequence:

Power Kid Girls | Power Kid Boys

Beginning Girls 1 | Beginning Boys 1

Beginning Girls 2 | Beginning Boys 2

Intermediate Girls | Intermediate Boys