• ​IEGA Closed: July 23-August 1

  • IEGA's Olympic Games: August 21

  • Last Day to enter our Handprints Handstand Contest: August 22

  • IEGA Closed: August 30-31


Going somewhere fun this Summer? Be sure to take a picture of your best handstand and send it to us to be entered into our annual Handprints Handstand Contest! Here are our categories to get some inspiration:


  • Beach Bum (beach photo)

  • Indiana Jones (hiking photo)

  • Best Friends Handstands (take a picture

  • with your friends or family!)

  • Cutest Photo

  • Best Location

  • Best Form 

  • Overall Favorite

Our staff will vote on the submitted photos and winners will be announced at the end of August.

Please note that you must be enrolled to claim

your prize. Good luck!

check out our entries:

Entry #37
Entry #37

Entry #36
Entry #36

Entry #1
Entry #1

Entry #37
Entry #37


This event is going to be action packed with TONS of gymnastics-based challenges. You will be able to work in a team and individually to try different challenges and obstacle courses, PLUS medals will be awarded to the fastest teams! We will also be serving ice cream and having open play during this event! So get ready... Get set... Let's go to IEGA's Olympic Games!


IEGA Olympic Games

Skills & Thrills is a performance event offered for students in our Preschool/Kinder & Recreational Program! Gymnast's will get to "show-off" their skills on each of the gymnastics events. After performing on each event, your gymnast will be awarded an Event Ribbon. After earning all 4 ribbons, your gymnast will head to our IEGA photo booth to receive their Skills & Thrills medal and get their picture taken.


Thank you for your continued support  through these uncertain times. 

We love and appreciate our IEGA family!