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Viewing Schedule

Inside waiting/viewing is available on a rotating basis for all families. With 30 chairs available for a waiting parent or guardian, and inside masking required by all, we are comfortable reopening the waiting room to a larger group. However, there will continue to be restrictions to ensure the health and safety of those inside the building. Tap the day your student attends class to see which week inside viewing is available for you class. 

WEEK 1: MARCH 13-18
WEEK 1: APRIL 10-15


  1. Only one family member is permitted to wait inside the waiting room during your student’s class time. If you have a child under the age of 6, who cannot remain at home, you are expected to manage that child’s behavior while in the waiting room and they must sit with you in the waiting room. Under no circumstances may non-enrolled siblings be left unattended in the waiting room.

  2. Chairs in the waiting room are for adults. Enrolled students should sit on the colored squares until their coach calls them out for class. If your student does not wish to sit on a colored square, they may sit in your lap.

  3. Regardless of your vaccination status, face masks covering your nose and mouth are required in the office and waiting room. Please help our staff by complying without being asked.

  4. Strollers are not permitted in the waiting room unless an exception has been made by the front office. (ie: infant twins) There simply isn’t enough room.

  5. If you need to use your cell phone, we ask that you step outside. If you do not intend to watch, but instead work on your computer or use your cell phone, please consider doing so from your car rather than the waiting room. Please be considerate as space is limited.

  6. Please do not gesture or call to your student while they are in the class.

  7. Exiting Inland Empire Gymnastics Academy once your student’s class as concluded: •Preschool/Kinder parents, and their student, will continue to leave the gym through the back exit door. • Recreational, tumbling and team parents will leave the gym by the front entrance door and meet their students and their coach outside at the back exit. This will help us keep the congestion in the lobby down.

  8. Water is the only beverage allowed in both the waiting room and on the gym floor. Gatorade-type beverages and food is NOT allowed. Thank you for helping to keep IEGA clean.

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