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Tiny Tour
Tiny Tour Video   20 FULL HD

Tiny Tour Video 20 FULL HD

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How It Works

The Tiny Tour Palooza is a wonderful performance event for our Tumble Tykes and Tumble Kids! We transform IEGA into our Palooza arena, with seating out in the gym for up close viewing and picture taking. Our Preschool/Kinder Coaches will be with our gymnasts every step of the way to help support and cheer them on!

Performance Stations

There are no routines to learn because all the skills being performed are being learned and practiced in class. There will be four Performance Stations: Floor, Bars, Beam, and Vault which means our Tinies can show-off their hard work on all the events!


$40 for each student (includes a medal, 4 ribbons, performance card & 3 spectator tickets. 1 additional ticket may be purchased for $5. Ribbons will be rewarded as the events are complete and after everyone has performed, we move on to the podiums where each gymnast will receive their custom-designed IEGA Winter Tiny Tour Palooza medal!

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